• Learning to play the piano can be both incredibly enjoyable as well as exceedingly beneficial. The rewards of learning to play the piano cannot be overstated! It’s a well known fact that many individuals, from children as young as 3 years old to seniors, choose piano to broaden their education as well as their physical and mental performance capacities.

      Plus, the piano is the perfect instrument for beginning musicians. It’s fun to learn, and with just a little dedication and practice, most beginners can play several simple songs within a few short weeks.

      At Frank & Camille’s School of Music, our friendly piano teachers offer both traditional piano as well as helping more advanced students who wish to specialize in wide varieties of musical genres, including jazz, blues, classical, country, rock and more.

      We believe music is fun and rewarding, and we've worked overtime to make sure you benefit not only from your lessons, but from the inspiring support and resources our talented piano instructors offer!

      We offer flexibility so students can manage their lesson schedules. However, if visiting us for lessons is difficult, we have the largest network of teachers available to visit you in the comfort of your home.

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