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      Piano Restoration and Rebuilding

      Pianos hold a special place in many families and can last a lifetime if they’re cared for properly. Even those suffering through the ages can be brought back to their original glory with the right experience and expertise. For this, we leave it to the hands of one of our many experienced technicians. Call any of our locations to learn about how we can help you restore your piano to it’s finest condition. We can arrange for a technician to visit your home for minor work, or if the need arises, we can completely rebuild your piano at our workshop on Long Island.

      Piano Tuning

      A good piano tuning ensures the longevity of your instrument and gives it its beautifully rich tone. We advise that every piano be tuned at least twice a year by a certified piano technician for general maintenance. If you feel your piano is in need of a tuning, please call any of our locations and we will arrange for a qualified technician to visit you soon!

      Piano Moving

      Pianos are heavy, awkwardly shaped, and valuable instruments that need to be moved by professionals. Trust us! For over thirty years we’ve been working with the most reputable piano movers the tri-state has to offer. Feel free to contact any of our stores for our recommendations whatever your needs may be, domestic or international.

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