• Compare The Yamaha U1 Piano To Other Brands.
    It's Important To Know Your Options.

    At Frank & Camille’s East, and for the past 37 years, our mantra has always been to provide the largest selection of fine quality pianos for our customers to try and to compare.

    Choice is a most valuable asset when deciding which piano will best suit your needs. Everyone has unique and specific reasons for purchasing a piano, and Frank and Camille’s East understands and addresses those needs.

    The Young Chang Y121:

    Price Approximately $3000 LESS than a Yamaha U1

    The Young Chang Y121

    The Young Chang Y121 is most closely built like a Yamaha U1. Considering the founders of Young Chang not only sold Yamaha pianos, but also opened a manufacturing facility in a joint venture with Yamaha pianos and built Yamaha pianos for years before breaking off and forming Young Chang Corporation.

    • 48’ professional upright
    • Solid spruce sounding board
    • Hard rock maple pin block
    • 10 year warranty

    The Kawai K300:

    Price EQUIVALENT to
    a Yamaha U1

    The Young Chang Y121

    The Kawai K300 is a step up in quality. Built in Japan and winning the dealer choice awards for many years, the Kawai K300 is top quality performance piano, known for its rich warm tone and quick responsive action.

    • 49” professional upright
    • Solid spruce sound board
    • Hard rock maple pin block
    • ABS Carbon Fiber Millennium action
    • 10 year transferable warranty
    • Award winning design

    Pre-owned Yamaha U1 :

    Price Approximately $3000 LESS than a new Yamaha U1.

    The Young Chang Y121

    Pre-owned Yamaha U1S are always available at Frank & Camille’s. They are completely restored, carry a Frank and Camille’s “Certified Pre-Owned” warranty and “Full Trade-Up” option for maximum insurance of your purchase.